Riley Blake Block Challenge – Cottage Garden – SNF Technique


Riley Blake Block Challenge – Cottage Garden – SNF Technique

I was really excited to try out a quilt block challenge with Riley Blake Designs! Quilt block challenges are a great way to interact with other quilters and get some encouragement as you sew. Anyone can join! See the link below!

This block has some great techniques! One is SNF – or sew and flip. This isn’t a new quilting technique, and many probably know it. But if I saw just SNF in a pattern, I’d have to look it up, in other words, I sure didn’t know the acronym for it!

You simply mark a diagonal (or use seam tape on your plate), lay the block on the side the pattern states, and sew the diagonal line. Trim the allowance. Flip and iron.

I wasn’t sure about my colors at first but loved the bright and cheery layout. My plan is to do the first 4 challenge blocks in these colors and finish it vertically or in a square to hang. I want to mix it up and make a few mini quilts rather than one large one. I’ll put all my instructions here!

My Fabric Choices for the RBD Block Challenge

We would love to have your business! You can buy any fabrics we use at our shop. ❤️

Anyone can join! Here’s the link to download block one! Friend me on Instagram and Facebook so I can see your blocks! Have fun!

Happy Quilting! Theresa

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