How to Knit an Easy Chinese Wave Washcloth Pattern – Video

Easy knitted chinese wave washcloth

How to Knit an Easy Chinese Wave Washcloth Pattern – Video

Here is a beautiful pattern that is easy for beginning knitters. I frequently do little videos for my grandchildren who are learning to knit, so I try to make directions very simple! Here is the Chinese Wave pattern with a quick how-to video.

how to stitch Chinese wave pattern

This pattern is for you if you can:

  • cast-on
  • knit stitch
  • slip stitch(shown in the video)
  • cast-off

If you need the basics, I have a few videos for children on casting on, knit stitch, and the purl stitch.

The pattern uses an odd number of stitches. I found that 39 stitches makes a nice 8″ x 8″ washcloth.

Supplies Needed to Knit Chinese Wave Stitch Washcloth

50g Cotton yarn
5mm Knitting needles – You can choose a size larger if desired. Since this is a washcloth, no specific size is a must. I usually repeat the rows until my width and length match.
Tapestry Needle – to weave in threads

chinese wave stitch washcloth

The above picture shows a 5mm and larger 10mm needle result.

Complete Chinese Wave Pattern

Cast on 39 stitches – or an odd number of stitches to meet the desired cloth size.

Row 1: knit all sts

Row 2: k, *s, k to the end

Row 3: knit all sts

Row 4: k2, *s, k to the last two stitches, k2

For the remaining rows, start with ROW 2. Repeat until your length and width measure the same.

Cast off all stitches.

This pattern is perfect for quick washcloths, dishcloths and even baby blankets. I hope it’s helpful!

knitted washcloths

Thanks for dropping by! Blessings in knitting, Theresa

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